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It's a cute little city. The old town is awesome. We walked around a good bit today. The only places we really went into though were churches and a Miro museum. The streets are adorable here. The whole city is old and beautiful. However it is small and we think we're going to do day trips for the next few days. We had dinner at a restaurant suggested by both the guy who we are renting the apartment from and my cousin. It's called osteria broccaindosso and we had a pasta sampler and the dessert plate. It was all delicious, not that I know what any of it was. Pics uploaded slowly so you'll have to wait.

A day in Venice

So we woke up absurdly early again. 5:15 if you were curious. Bus ride to Venice was easy, though long. Once we got to Venice, we decided to head to the train station to drop off our bags and walk around. That didn't happen. It was 6 euro each and a hella long line to drop off the bags so we decided to carry them. We agreed we wanted to eat, and eat along the canals preferably. We found a cozy side canal and ate at some restaurant alongside it. From there, we continued on, eventually reaching St. Mark's Square, after shoving past so many stupid, selfish people who don't pay attention to anyone else in the tiny streets in Venice. Once there, we decided to give ourselves a rest, and, after fighting our way through even more annoying, unaware douchebags, we managed to find a seat. We decided to take the water boat up the grand canal back to the train station and get the next train to Bologna, instead of fighting through more crowds and people who don't pay attention to an…

Traveling sucks

We had the opportunity to sleep in until 9 AM today! Unfortunately I woke up at 8... Getting to the bus was easy. The ride was easy. The day started off so well. We have quite the trip ahead of us at this point. A bus to Zadar, ferry to Pula, overnight in Pula, ferry to Venice, and finally a train to Bologna. A solid two days of travelling but easy. Well the first part was. Arriving at Zadar there were two ports. We went to the wrong one. Luckily while there we were informed our ferry was cancelled due to weather. We looked at busses but the 4 hr car ride was extended to an 8 hr bus ride that wasn't leaving for another 10 hours, and was overnight, and was arriving when we needed to be at the port to catch our Pula to Venice ferry. So we rented a car and drove. It was a pretty simple drive, except finding the place to drop off the car was a but of a pain. The address the rental place gave was wrong. And neither of us have WiFi. But we made it eventually and they even gave us a ride…

Krka and Sibenik

Another brutally early start to my day. Definitely enjoyed sleeping in and waking up whenever but oh well. We woke up, got ready, and went to the place doing our tour. Upon arrival they told us we were the only ones so it was essentially a private tour. What wonderful news. So off we went. It's about an hour and a half to Krka. Ride was nice enough. The tour company van had WiFi. That was a pleasant surprise. We finally made it to Krka and opted to explore ourselves rather than be guided. There is only one path so it's pretty self explanatory. There was a little old town thing that showed how they used water to do everything. Other than that it was a walk around an awesome green and blue lake with gorgeous waterfalls. From there, we got back in our little tour van and made our way to Sibenik where we once again explored. It's a small place but there seemed to be a lot to do, though much was closed. We walked past a closed WWII liberation museum funded by both Croatian gove…