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Fantastic city. So much to see, so much to do. I went up to the citadella today. That's a long walk up a big hill, 230 m high according to Wikipedia. I visited a 2000 year old Roman church that was on the front lines as a Garrison and in the basement of a modern church. One of the guys there was from Texas and effectively gave me a tour. There was something unlabelled in the altar and he told me it was a saint's heel bone. I also had the opportunity to tour parliament. What a beautiful building inside. There were labeled  cigar holders for each member of the house of Lords. After all the touring I went to Margaret Island to relax and wait for darkness to see Budapest lit up because it is a beautiful place at night.

WiFi here is a hit or a miss. Uploaded all the pics yesterday in like three minutes. Not they're not uploading at all.

Citadella up on the hill

Heel bone of some saint

View from the citadella

Buda Castle