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Mt. Zeus

I went to bed effectively as soon as I got back last night and had  to leave early  sorry for  the late post. I know how much you all look forward to these. What's the tallest peak in the Cyclades? Mt. Zeus. Who decided it would be a great idea to climb up in the sweltering heat? Me... Yeah not my brightest moment. There are a few paths up. I chose the 6 km round trip one. It goes past the cave called Zeus Cave. Why so much Zeus on this mountain? Well it is where Zeus was born and raised of course. Anyways, it started so easy. There was a paved path and everything. Then very quickly it went away. I told myself I'd go see the cave and that was it. Getting there was hard on its own. As I mentioned there is no path. You're just climbing over rocks, some stable, some loose. And the only thing to balance yourself with is more rocks or incredibly spikey bushes of sorts. Very roundly shaped though. Kinda cool. And the only things marking your path are the occasional red dot or Ca…

Naxos day 2

This place has some views. Stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately it's quite the ride. The mountains here are steep so the roads curve a lot. And tightly. It's real fun driving for hours around sharp curves where you can't see incoming traffic, on roads full of potholes and fearless drivers, on a vehicle with no safety measures, and a steep cliff on one side and a steep mountain on the other. But I didn't die so that was nice. And I got to see some incredible views which was also nice. After finding the even bigger abandoned kouros, I continued down the other side of the island. Just as harrowing a ride if you're curious. There's a 25ish km road along the coast on the other side of the island. Nice and straight. Close to no traffic. I drove up and down that just enjoying the breeze and views. Eventually I sat on some secluded beach and ate an entire loaf of bread soaked in some fantastic olive oil. I do not regret eating an entire loaf of bread in one sitting. It …


Getting from Santorini to the port was easy. The hostel had a transport for relatively cheap. The ferry sucked. It had free WiFi but was a super rough ride. Just a poorly built ferry. The sea was calm. Stick with blue star. Avoid Hellenic. Anyways, upon arrival at Naxos, the guy who owns the place I'm staying also has a ride arranged. I don't think Naxos has hostels so I'm staying in a single room with its own bathroom. It's a thing of beauty I've missed for too long. And as is customary by now, the best way to get around is by ATV. This ATV is eons better than the crappy Santorini one. This one does useful things like go up hill, have working hazard lights, effective breaks, and keeps speed with traffic so you're not having people fly past you at 50 kph faster than you're going. It's nice and feels safe. Smooth ride too, which for roads like the ones I'm on that's impressive. Having only a small portion of the day I didn't do much. I hopped…

Santorini day 2

Renting an ATV on the Greek islands is totally the way to go. You can see so much more, get around easily, and they're really fun to drive too. I went to the east coast today. Relaxed on a beach for a while. The airport was next to the beach and two planes came in for landing while I was there. I could have hit them had I thrown a rock towards them. After that I went to some Santorini history museum that had legit artifacts from Santorini from the 15-19 centuries. Manuscripts, etchings of maps, photos, newspaper clippings. It was hidden away in a back street and the lady working the desk was super excited to have someone come in. She gave a spiel about the history if the house it was in, walked me around the first floor a bit to show me what things were. It was great. Then I once again watched the sunset but from Fira instead of Oia. Had some fantastic food and baklava for dessert. Then I came back to the hostel and went to bed. Santorini is nice but super touristy, kinda like a b…


The boat ride here was a breeze. Nice and easy. People always say this place is gorgeous but damn. I can't describe it. It's breathtaking. The landscape, the towns, everything. The town Oia at the northwest end of the island is famous for its sunsets, so I decided to make my way up there and get a cheap dinner. When I got there, there were still hours until the sunset so I walked around a bit and it's an adorable but touristy as hell place. As it was nearing sunset I decided I needed to find a place to eat so I started searching. This didn't go well as places were painfully expensive or reserved, or both. As I continued, I found a crappy little pool and cafe that had fantastic views over the ocean and wasn't 25 euro for an entrĂ©e. So I sat down, had a cheap and crappy club sandwich, and watched the sunset. That thing is fantastic. Getting out was a nightmare though. So much traffic. One main road out, windy as hell, some areas with damn near no room for two way tra…

Paros ATV

I rented an ATV for the day and it was fantastic. What an easy and exciting way to see the island. Fantastic views all around and some really cool pictures. There's a national park I got to walk around too. It was great. Unfortunately it took the wifi something like 20-30 mins to decide to work to load the simple write your blog page let alone the pictures, so you have to keep waiting. Lucky for you I'm leaving tomorrow and if I ever get these uploaded it'll be around 300 pictures. However at this rate you might have to wait until I'm in split in a real hotel. Good luck to you all.


The Greek islands are awesome. At least Paros is. I can't decide if I want to stay here or see more of them. I have this place for one more night. It's awesome. I rented an atv for the night and plan on driving around tomorrow a bunch which should be fun. Only 20 euro for a day. I pretty much just chilled out on a beach all day. It was wonderful. When I went to dinner I met a woman named Donna who is a travel journalist and photographer. She said she spends about two months a year in Paros. She mentioned she's been to Hawaii and Vietnam, and has seen the green flash at Hawaii. I'm sure she's been to some damn cool places. I told her to visit Ohrid as she hadn't been there yet. She then suggested I go to the best gelato place in all of Greece named Gelato. It was a short walk from the restaurant and I sat down and had some incredible gelato. Paros is awesome.

Except for the wifi. Pictures that need uploading approaching 200...

Athens archeological museum

That place is big. Like huge. So so much to see and a lot of cool things. They have a special exhibit on Odysseus right now and they made a boat to hold a bunch of the pieces, had wave lighting all on the ground, sounds of a boat creaking, just really cool stuff. I was there for a good chunk of my day. After that, I went back to my hostel to try to figure out my travel situation. It was rough getting from Croatia to here. Had to leave really quickly for Dubrovnik and hope that the info online was correct and that my bus there wouldn't be too delayed. The Dubrovnik to Skopje bus leaves twice a week. Then Ohrid to thessaloniki was my original plan but apparently that's near impossible without some hardcore messing around and hoping for like seven connections, so I decided to go the route suggested by one of the guys at the hostel and take a bus to the Albanian border, walk across it, and taxi to the bus station. I asked the cabbie to take me to the bus station and instead he tak…


Busses are a pain. But I made it. At 4 AM. I went across the street from the station to see cafe and had breakfast after an exciting two hours of sleep on a bus, making a grand total of 7 hours over the past two days woo... At the cafe, I looked up how to get to my hostel and decided to take the 5:05 tram. Except the driver decided he couldn't be bothered to stop so I had to go with plan B and take the 5:30 subway. Fortunately they decided to pick me up. How nice. I got to my hostel and they couldn't check me in for another 8 hours. So I tried to sleep on the floor as the couches were taken by other poor souls like me. That went about as well as you'd expect. I gave up around 11 and decided to go get a gyro. It had French fries on it. I'm not sure if I'm in America or Greece. After that, I went to the Acropolis museum which was really quite awesome. The top floor is a neat replica of the stories around the top of the pantheon. After the museum I explored the temple…

Ohrid day 2

Ohrid is beautiful. The people are so nice, the scenery incredible, the food delicious. Go. We went up to the fortress today but otherwise just walked around some. It truly is a stunning little town. If you ever visit, stay at the Sunny Lake Hostel. Great location and super friendly staff.

Fort and Macedonian flag. The flag is just an old school Japanese flag with different colors. Really cool. 


Ohrid is beautiful. We just walked around. I don't know why this didn't work yesterday. 

One of seven original paper makers worldwide. Got a Gutenberg press and everything. It is now my mission to accidentally stumble upon 6 more with absolutely no idea where they could possibly be. One is in Ohrid for heaven's sake. They could be anywhere.