Prague day two

After long days in Prague and Vienna I decided to take it a bit easier. The palace is incredibly far and very busy. I decided I have to go back to Prague one day. There is a museum with Warhol and Dali works that I decided to go see. Dali's art always seems cool and the Warhol exhibit was about him more than his art. From there, I went to the Bob Dylan art museum across the street as I didn't even know he made art. It wasn't bad. From there I went to the old Jewish section of town which is a cemetery and a few Synagogues that have since been made into museums of sorts. It's one ticket for all of them. By this point I was still tired after long days and it was getting a little later so I decided to take it slow for the waning hours and just wandered.

It's both Abe Lincoln and a woman looking out a window

Dude sure liked his Marilyn

He also designed a bunch of albums

Poor lighting in this part, but there is a velvet underground album with a yellow banana that tells you to peel it and you find a pink banana under it. Also Warhol. 

Bob Dylan stuff

Shoemaker's guild emblem

All those are names of holocaust victims from the area

Children's art from Terezin



Franz Kafka statue by one of the Synagogues

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