Day One in Copenhagen

I landed at around 1:15. The ride was a breeze. A brand new 787, I got to sit in the front row so extra leg space and no one to push their chair back into my knees. It was a beautiful thing. Once in the airport, customs was a little slow but nothing too bad. Waiting for my luggage was boring but it always is. Then I made my way to Copenhagen Downtown Hostel to drop off my crap and check in. That went nice and smoothly. From there, I spent the rest of the day walking around and exploring. Copenhagen is an absolutely gorgeous city. Beautiful architecture and winding canals. Gotta admit I'm not used to following traffic laws though. People actually wait for the signal to cross streets instead if just going for the opening. It's 9 PM and I'm about ready to go to bed.

View from my room

Street soccer on a mini field being played

This is the building soccer was played in front of

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