Krakow photo dump

I lost internet connection partway through so the order is a bit messed up as it had to be uploaded in multiple batches. 

Modern art. Literally a room with mirrors and pillars painted like this. Terrible. 

Stones from Romeo and Juliet's graves in some famous person's collection. Also had a Shakespeare chair. 

Same museum from above had sarcophagi, a Rembrandt, and some other cool things. 

People selling their art on the street. 

The Last Supper

Entrance to the Salt Mines

This was somewhere in the salt mines. Again at some point there were 25 chapels down there. 

A really impressive chapel down there

The altar with different lightings do you can see both the piece and the surrounding bit. 

Pope John Paul II in Salt. They love him in Poland. A bit unhealthy if you ask me. 

130 m down underground here. 

Different puff colors were assigned different jobs. 

This is how they lowered horses into the mines. 

A little model of the town the mine was in

Terrible picture if the gate to Auschwitz

Housing at Auschwitz I. They had real toilets, not holes like at Birkenau

Beds at Auschwitz I

Counties people of Auschwitz we're deported from. Egypt and Norway we're both on there. 

Some ashes found and out into a grave monument. 

Map comparing Auschwitz I and Birkenau. 

Shoes found on side after liberation. 

The hospital at Auschwitz I. 

Drawings of kids that were found. 

Another drawing

The Wall of Death where the guards carried out shooting executions. 

An SS leader was accused of war crimes in 1947 and hanged on site. If you can read the plaque you should. 

Main gate at Birkenau

Birkenau toilets

Trying to get a sense of scale. As the Nazis we're leaving they burned down a lot. Each if those red brick piles were parts of housing. 

Birkenau bunks

Original art. Artist and date unknown. The other one was kids going to school. The art was in the children's hospital. 

This big cement area is where the prisoners first got off the trains and we're told to either go right to the housing blocks or left to the gas chamber. Generally around 80-90% were sent straight to the Chambers but at times there wasn't enough room and whole trains went straight to the Chambers. 

That big block on the right the same size as the middle block was a planned expansion that was started but never finished. 

The two above pictures are of 'Canada' where baggage of prisoners was brought to be sorted. 

The two above pictures are of the largest chamber that could hold up to 2000 people. In total it took half an hour for the Nazis to murder a chamber and before the fourth of five changes was destroyed in a rebellion, the Nazis could kill 7,000 people every 30 minutes. Their crematoriums couldn't keep up. 

Train straight from the 70s. No wifi or power outlets. Curtains were old fashioned from the side, not newer pulling down from the top. 

Got bored on my 10 hour train ride and took a pic from the back. 

Dude casually walking to the train at a station with no platforms. 

Chess set of Poles vs Turks. Note Poles are in gold, appear to be standing stronger, the Turks have their swords low like they're giving up or tired, and the turks' knight pieces, camels, are falling down. I appreciated the symbolism. 

Jesus's hands are on the wrong arms. His palms are pointing out and his thumbs down. 

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