Dresden day two

Today was wonderful. I spend the morning going slow, getting some coffee and a pastry from some coffee shop somewhere. From there I went to the frauenkirche to meet up with Dina, my coworker from school and a great friend. She, her mom, and her little brother all showed me around Dresden for a few hours. Dina's mom's father grew up in Dresden and lived here through the war so she knows a lot about the city through him. My favorite highlight from my personal tour was learning about August the Strong who is said to have fathered over 300 kids and built a bridge from his place to the church next door so he wouldn't get wet when it was raining but he wanted to attend church. We sat down for lunch and I had real German food, sour beef with red cabbage and potato balls with buttered breadcrumbs on top with which I had a glass of Krumbacher Schwarzbie.  I also had a cake of some sort that was a delicious end to a delicious meal  Absolutely. At this point Dina's family had to leave so I went off to the palace at their suggestion to tour the Saxon museum. What an impressive museum. A small sample of what was there is below. After the museum closed I walked around the old town for a while before meandering back to my hostel. It was overall an excellent day.

A tiny, tiny selection of the weapons in the museum

The green diamond there is the most expensive thing in the collection. 

This is a clock that has two Crystal balls that fall down the circular track one at a time, each taking exactly one minute to go down. 

This is also a clock. Inside the time sphere there is a dinner party

The hull of this ship has the names of a lot of important Saxon people. I think princes or kings. It lasted from the first guy who was supposedly just after Jesus to the guy who had it built. There are 150 miniature crew members. It's held up by Neptune. 

This is a city plaza. It was gigantic

This is Daphne turning into a tree. Those red bits are all coral. 

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