Ich bin ein Berliner

I did an incredible amount of walking today. My hostel is right next to the main station kinda near the reichstag. Three miles away is the East Berlin Gallery which is a long section of the Berlin Wall that's been covered by murals. From there, I slowly wandered back. I stopped in the Berlin Dom which is some excessive cathedral as well as St. Hedwig's cathedral which I found unique in that the altar was kinda sunk in the middle of the circular church. There was a basement and down there, there was the burial spot of Bernard Lichtenberg who decided the Nazis were bad people and openly prayed for the Jews. They arrested him and he died on his way to Dachau, but he's been beatified by Pope John Paul II. I also walked along some road in some park that had the Berlin Victory Column and a monument to the fallen Soviet soldiers from the Battle of Berlin. The Soviets erected that in the summer of 1945 which means it was about the first thing they did after they took over Berlin. Ironically it was dedicated on November 9th of that year which is the same day the Berlin Wall fell 44 years later. And I was chilling on the lawn in front of the reichstag where they're setting up a stage and to test the sound they played some odd version of Hotel California. I'm hoping my next hostel has good enough WiFi for a picture dump. 

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