Really cute little city with fun and unique things to do. There's the Museum of Broken Relationships which was funny at times and sad at times. Really cool, really unique place. Definitely a must see if you're ever in Zagreb. I also managed to walk into the torture museum. Didn't expect to find it but kinda stumbled upon it. Small but terrifying. The things people think of to make others suffer is terrible. There's a large cathedral I went to which was nice. There was on one of the walls a scripture written for the sole purpose of convincing Croatian and other Balkan people to convert and it only really stuck here. There was a little festival going on in town too. No idea why, but there were a lot of street performers, one of the parks was packed, there were a bunch of tents, and a small food festival nearby. Later in the day in the main square they were setting up a lot of structures for some reason. It'd have been great to know what was going on. Off to Sarajevo tomorrow. I'm staying at a place called the War Hostel. You should see what they do. Cool stuff. I'm excited.

I saw these guys twice an hour apart at different locations always playing the drums one with horses once without. No idea what they were doing. 

Scripture made for Balkans

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