Wroclaw was a lot of fun but I'm glad it was only a day. I went in knowing nothing so that certainly helped but I got out and walked up to the old town. It felt walking through as though that was all Wroclaw had. Once I made it, I realized there was a high military presence in the center square. I walked to the tourist office nearby and they said there was a military parade going on soon. So I sat down, had some cake, and watched it. Truly inspiring, not that I know what was said. From there, I went to the big church everyone was crowded around. It was quite nice inside, but I liked the second one I went in better. The second one had the wall behind the altar as entirely yellow stained glass which made the front if the church glow gold. It truly was a sight to behold and one that couldn't be captured with a picture. Also, they love John Paul II here. It's kinda creepy.

Glowing altar thing. You can kinda see it. 

Stained glass in other church

Pretty building in that one square

Somewhere in Wroclaw

Sunset an hour outside of Krakow

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