Another day in Budapest

What a fantastic city. I started today going to a cave church. Legend goes they were trying to make it a cave to the Danube but after bombing it a bit, they found they were really far and assumed God meant for it to be a church so they made it one. Then I made a long walk up another large hill and made it to the Buda castle. It's now a lovely art museum. Spent a few hours perusing old and new Hungarian arts. Also went to some museum in a church talking about the coronation of Queen Elizabeth happening there. Walked around, down a big hill, found somewhere to eat, and hung around the city a bit longer before coming back to my room for sleep.

Last post has photos added.

This and the other wood filled picture under it were part of the cave complex. 

These three are the views from behind the castle. I walked up from the back. Wouldn't suggest. There's a lot to get up and around once you get there. 

Ruins at the top. Tour guide nearby said they're probably a secondary palace or guest house or something and the city is thinking of rebuilding. 

I could make this. Welcome to modern art. 

Folded napkins is art. 

Buttons stuck to a wall. Art. 

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