Busses are a pain. But I made it. At 4 AM. I went across the street from the station to see cafe and had breakfast after an exciting two hours of sleep on a bus, making a grand total of 7 hours over the past two days woo... At the cafe, I looked up how to get to my hostel and decided to take the 5:05 tram. Except the driver decided he couldn't be bothered to stop so I had to go with plan B and take the 5:30 subway. Fortunately they decided to pick me up. How nice. I got to my hostel and they couldn't check me in for another 8 hours. So I tried to sleep on the floor as the couches were taken by other poor souls like me. That went about as well as you'd expect. I gave up around 11 and decided to go get a gyro. It had French fries on it. I'm not sure if I'm in America or Greece. After that, I went to the Acropolis museum which was really quite awesome. The top floor is a neat replica of the stories around the top of the pantheon. After the museum I explored the temple of Olympian Zeus. There's a national garden next to it so I walked around there for a while. I finally decided to end my day with a sunset at Acropolis. Excellent choice as it was beautiful and starting to empty out. Unfortunately the weather was still toasty and they aren't really a fan of shade at the top of a big hill so that was fun.

I'll try and post the pictures later but my phone doesn't like being useful.

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