The island of Braç is a short 50 minute ferry ride from split. Once we got there, my mom decided it'd be a great idea to get an ATV for the day. So we did. I drove and she rode. Braç is a long and thin island. First thing we did was ride from Supetar to Bol, across the short way. Bol was a cute little town. That's all of Braç though, a bunch of tiny little towns. We explored a bit, walking along the water. The roads were slightly reminiscent of Greece, but not as bad. We decided to work our way east to the end of the island. On our way there the gas tank was going between 1/14 and 6/14ths of a tank. It actually measured in 14ths... Anyways, having no idea how much gas we actually had, we pulled into some random town to find WiFi. Luckily, there was a gas station another kilometer down the road. We went there and filled up and went to Sumartin. It's an adorable little village on the Eastern edge of the island. We spent some time relaxing there before leaving. Supetar is very much in the northwest of the island and Sumartin is more southern on the Eastern edge. It was a long ride back to Supetar with fun little curvy roads. Upon getting back, we returned the quad and barely made the ferry before it left, avoiding an hour long wait. Once back at Split, we walked around some and just enjoyed the place.
We had to wake up quite early so we had time to see the island. The palace was empty. This is the main square and normally packed. 

We have the same brand of inflatables at camp

There were a few abandoned buildings with awesome graffiti on them. The mural on the side there was fantastic but hard to get a good picture of. 

Overlook at Bol

Sumartin beach we relaxed at. 

Some cute town we drive past. 

Fish projections somewhere in Diocletian's palace

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