Parma and Milan

Yep Parma as in Parmesan cheese. Lots of churches. An obscene amount. And two churches and a baptistry all right next to each other in a row. Parma is a cool little place but we didn't stay too long. Visited those two churches but not the baptistry as well as some other churches and had some damn fine parmesan and prosciutto. No pictures of the Parma parmesan though. I don't take food pictures. Go there and get some yourself. Worth it. Once we got to Milan we came to the only place we had time to visit - the Duomo. Was a stupidly impressive place. Then we got lost walking back to our hotel and then found our way and finished our walk. Dinner for me was some saffron, sausage, and burrata pasta of some sort. It was awesome. Except the dessert was even better. I had Mascarpone mousse that tasted like I was eating a slightly sweeter butter. It was absurd. Also no pics.

The baptistry we didn't go in

Bunch of stuff on the front of a building. Idk what they all are. 

In Milan now

The front of their duomo

This thing, art, horror, whatever  you want to call it, was in the covered arch thing from above

Two birds photo bombed my picture do I had to retake it. 

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