Really a beautiful city. Stunning architecture on every building. Old, regal, fancy, awesome. I spent all day walking around and exploring. I want to spend some time exploring the palace and art museum soon.

At some point while exploring I happened upon what some passing tour guide said was the most guarded street in Prague and I believe it. It was the street with all the embassies. Literally every car that went up and down was stopped by the police and checked. I didn't take any pictures of that street.

One of the ends of the Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge from the other tower

View from the top of the tower looking at the top

John Lennon wall. The French embassy is directly across from it. I didn't know that. 

I love paying to go into a church to have the whole thing blocked off

Cool pillars though

Fancy sidewalk decoration 

View from the hill the palace is on

Church inside the palace. I didn't go into any of the buildings in the palace, I just walked around the grounds a bit. I do want to go back. 


The famous astronomical clock



Unfortunately the Charles Bridge is absurdly busy and has a bunch of people trying to sell stuff on the sides and musicians playing and stuff so it's hard to get a good picture during the day. But if you decide to wake up hella early, like 5 AM or something, you can go there and get some awesome pictures and still get the early train. So I did that. It rained and was cloudy. Still worth it. 

And yes I made my train. 

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