Less than two weeks!

In two weeks I'll be in Copenhagen. In 15 days I'll be leaving for Berlin. I still don't know train times or much about train travel.

I've actually started spending money in Europe, beyond just the flights! I have a Eurail Pass. That arrived a few days ago. I have a reservation for my first Hostel in Copenhagen. I have a guided tour of Auschwitz planned for May 29th. My mom got a ticket to meet me in Milan in Late June. I have the dates somewhere but don't feel like digging them up right now. Finals have been hella busy so I haven't been able to do much planning beyond what I've listed above. I haven't been able to look at train times or anything really. I need to look at those, look at ferry options, talk to my mom about plans we have for when I meet up with her. Lots to do and so little time. I also don't think I'm going to get a SIM card over there. Seems like way too much hassle. I might fend solely on wi-fi, which means I'll have to have plans for my day at the beginning of each day and actually know where my hostel is. Or I'll just have to find European McDonald's.

Less than two weeks. Still hasn't set in.

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