A day in Venice

So we woke up absurdly early again. 5:15 if you were curious. Bus ride to Venice was easy, though long. Once we got to Venice, we decided to head to the train station to drop off our bags and walk around. That didn't happen. It was 6 euro each and a hella long line to drop off the bags so we decided to carry them. We agreed we wanted to eat, and eat along the canals preferably. We found a cozy side canal and ate at some restaurant alongside it. From there, we continued on, eventually reaching St. Mark's Square, after shoving past so many stupid, selfish people who don't pay attention to anyone else in the tiny streets in Venice. Once there, we decided to give ourselves a rest, and, after fighting our way through even more annoying, unaware douchebags, we managed to find a seat. We decided to take the water boat up the grand canal back to the train station and get the next train to Bologna, instead of fighting through more crowds and people who don't pay attention to anything but themselves. Once we got to Bologna, it was a bit of a pain finding out if our hotel was even available, but after borrowing some kind strangers phone we confirmed it was. Once we got here, after two long days we decided to head to a grocery store nearby and just get meats and cheeses to eat for dinner. It was awesome.
Tigger playing the accordion in the rearview mirror on the bus






Venice. Duh. 

Rialto bridge from the ferry bus

No Bologna pics yet. We stayed in and around the apartment. 

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