Traveling sucks

We had the opportunity to sleep in until 9 AM today! Unfortunately I woke up at 8... Getting to the bus was easy. The ride was easy. The day started off so well. We have quite the trip ahead of us at this point. A bus to Zadar, ferry to Pula, overnight in Pula, ferry to Venice, and finally a train to Bologna. A solid two days of travelling but easy. Well the first part was. Arriving at Zadar there were two ports. We went to the wrong one. Luckily while there we were informed our ferry was cancelled due to weather. We looked at busses but the 4 hr car ride was extended to an 8 hr bus ride that wasn't leaving for another 10 hours, and was overnight, and was arriving when we needed to be at the port to catch our Pula to Venice ferry. So we rented a car and drove. It was a pretty simple drive, except finding the place to drop off the car was a but of a pain. The address the rental place gave was wrong. And neither of us have WiFi. But we made it eventually and they even gave us a ride to our hotel for cheaper than a taxi so we didn't have to walk with our backpacks from a bus station. We got to our hotel and the place couldn't be sketchier. My father will know what I mean, but it felt like the Knight's Templar hotel. Effectively, it feels like it used to be fancy as hell but is run down and sketchy now. We decided to not stay in the place for the rest of the night and instead go get dinner, where there night be wifi. Yeah, no WiFi in the rooms. On our way, we stopped at the port to make sure our boat tomorrow morning was leaving. It's not. Instead, we can get a 6:15 AM bus to Venice. Yay. We then went to some place with good enough food. However, just as we were leaving the weather turned real bad real fast. Windy, dark, rainy. It was not pretty. We ran back to the sketchy hotel for shelter where we left the window open as there was no air conditioning. The room didn't feel any cooler... Oh how I love travelling. 

Yes I only took four pictures and yes three of them are the same thing. A coliseum in Pula built by the Romans. Very fancy. Bad view from the bus and could not take pictures from the car as I had to navigate. Sucks for you all there were great views. 

The one picture I got. It almost reset my map and I was afraid it would one time so I didn't keep taking them. 

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