Krka and Sibenik

Another brutally early start to my day. Definitely enjoyed sleeping in and waking up whenever but oh well. We woke up, got ready, and went to the place doing our tour. Upon arrival they told us we were the only ones so it was essentially a private tour. What wonderful news. So off we went. It's about an hour and a half to Krka. Ride was nice enough. The tour company van had WiFi. That was a pleasant surprise. We finally made it to Krka and opted to explore ourselves rather than be guided. There is only one path so it's pretty self explanatory. There was a little old town thing that showed how they used water to do everything. Other than that it was a walk around an awesome green and blue lake with gorgeous waterfalls. From there, we got back in our little tour van and made our way to Sibenik where we once again explored. It's a small place but there seemed to be a lot to do, though much was closed. We walked past a closed WWII liberation museum funded by both Croatian government and a local antifa organization. There was a bug cathedral that was open and needed a cleaning. There was a small chapel that was closed but had a cool Madonna in a cave outside. There was a tiny museum dedicated to Croatia's first saint and they had his shoes from 1391. Dude did a lot of walking and was a martyr spreading the word of God in Bosnia. And of course when they tried to burn his body, his love of God burned too strong and the body didn't burn. They don't know what happened to him after that. He was born and practiced in Sibenik. After that, we came back to Split and had a fantastic dinner somewhere outside of the palace.

Swans are fed by tourists so they hang around. 

Gotta get a ferry up the river to get to the park

Cool ceiling in the baptistry

Also the baptistry. That's where the light on the above picture is coming from

That's a 24 he clock with 1 and 24 at the bottom. 

Sketchy stairs next to a very securely locked and boarded up building. Note no hand rail. Had to climb up them to get the above picture of the cathedral. 

Some fancy looking dude. 

Nice views from some place we stopped on the drive back to split

Sun setting down a quiet street in Split. 

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