Athens archeological museum

That place is big. Like huge. So so much to see and a lot of cool things. They have a special exhibit on Odysseus right now and they made a boat to hold a bunch of the pieces, had wave lighting all on the ground, sounds of a boat creaking, just really cool stuff. I was there for a good chunk of my day. After that, I went back to my hostel to try to figure out my travel situation. It was rough getting from Croatia to here. Had to leave really quickly for Dubrovnik and hope that the info online was correct and that my bus there wouldn't be too delayed. The Dubrovnik to Skopje bus leaves twice a week. Then Ohrid to thessaloniki was my original plan but apparently that's near impossible without some hardcore messing around and hoping for like seven connections, so I decided to go the route suggested by one of the guys at the hostel and take a bus to the Albanian border, walk across it, and taxi to the bus station. I asked the cabbie to take me to the bus station and instead he takes me to a travel agency and gets me on some bus leaving right then and there to Athens. I would have protested damn hard but I was going to miss my Athens bus anyways so said it'll make a story and hope I don't die, and got on. Not that expensive so whatever. Getting back up is somehow harder than that. I don't know how but it is. So IDK how I'm going to get up, still have to do some research. Then I was hungry as happens when doing exciting research like that so I asked the dude at the front desk for some recommendations. He told me to go to a restaurant around the corner and ask for a secret menu item. I don't know what was on it but it was incredible. That is the only meal I've taken a picture of because I knew it'd be fantastic. I have to wake up at 5 AM so we'll see how that goes tomorrow morning. I have around 170 Athens images to upload because blogspot reloaded when I woke up and got rid of all the progress it made uploading overnight so I'll try again tonight in its own post.

But you all deserve to see my incredible dinner. 

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