Athens pictures

There's a cow in the road on my way to Athens. Thanks Albania

Empty Athens at like 5 AM when I got there. This is the middle of the tourism area outside Acropolis

View from Acropolis museum

The "birth" of Athena from the pantheon

Did you know the full story? Didn't know the way to cure a headache is to get hit in the head with an axe. I'll have to remember that. 

Gate by the temple of Zeus

Temple of Zeus pics start here

Bathhouse from the temple of Zeus grounds

There was an awesome park hidden somewhere in Athens

The hike to Acropolis started. 

They are setting up for a concert down there

The entrance to Acropolis

Restoration work going on for a long time. 

Athens is big. Lots of sprawl

The end of my day.

Start day 2 - archaeology museum

You see penises everywhere in these things. Pay attention. There are a bunch. I don't think I got a lot of pictures of them tho. 

These are all frying pans

We have the same armadillo holding a bowl at my house. Got it from a Philly artist. 

Death mask of some guy

Worlds oldest piggy bank

Look, another penis

Kinda penisy. 

Dammit it's sideways. They're little emblems and the black and white things under them show what was once on them. There were a lot of them. 

Kid riding a horse. The horse had black holes for eyes. Kinda creepy. 

Theater mask

Read this. Makes the next picture so much better. 

Zeus or Poseidon, they don't really know



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