First day in Skopje

Didn't do much, just walked around. Really weird place, a little unnerving. There truly are statues everywhere, but they're all concentrated within a few blocks. When you're walking along the river cutting through the city, you're passing by huge buildings with museums and stuff, one about "the struggle of Macedonia". As you're going past them and the many statues on your other side along the river, you notice classical music playing. Your first thought is that someone is playing it somewhere begging for money. But then you realize there are speakers on every statue playing music. Such an odd experience. Apparently they're removing a lot of statues over the coming months and years. The new government doesn't want them so concentrated so they're going to be moved to the countryside. So if you want to experience this place, come soon. Definitely one of the most unique places I've been. Also, place is healthy cheap. Got a loaf of bread for 36 cents and they were selling cherries for 91 cents per kilo. That's in USD. What a world. Also, mother Teresa was born here. It's worse than JP II in Poland. Literally plaques with her quotes on most buildings. I think every hospital in the city is named after her.

Some countryside somewhere. 

Speakers on all those poles

Alexander the Great

This tiny room was an entire chapel

So many statues. All copper, starting to turn green

At night they have red lights. It's like Alexander is rising above the blood of his enemies. 

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