Last day in Budapest

What a lovely city. One I'll definitely miss. I started by going to some nearby synagogue that was pretty nice inside. From there I walked to the Budapest train station designed by Eiffel. Yes that Eiffel. I could definitely see some French influence. I also visited the House of Terrors. Honestly somewhat disappointing. Then I went back to the Buda side of the Danube and toured the castle gardens. Nice views of the city. I also managed to find myself in the Budapest History Museum, which had some interesting stuff. From there I went to get dinner at a place around the corner from my hostel. Just after getting my food, Allan MacDonald, a super nice Scottish guy at the table next to me asked me where I was from. Then he told me to move over with him and his Irish friend, Andy McNulty. We talked about life and had some beers. They we're impressed at what I was doing and mentioned they only take week long trips at most. Allan also insisted, as did Andy, that I visit the Scottish west coast. They showed me pictures and they were gorgeous. Soon, some more of their group from a few more doors down joined. In total, Andy said their group had 24 people. I only got to meet 12 of them unfortunately. There were two guys in dresses, three dressed up in sports jerseys, a Mario, like from super Mario Bros, Dale was dressed up as the union jack and painted orange, one super hero, one dressed up in a HulkaMania outfit complete with a blonde wig and too tight red clothing, one guy was in an outfit with two stuffed legs sticking out from his hips showing he was sitting on shoulders, two guys, one of which was Andy were dressed in button up shirts, and Allan was dressed in a fishnet shirt and suspenders. They were all super friendly people and I wish them the best if luck in their alcohol-filled adventures.

Andy is on the far left taking the picture, Allan is just to the right of me with the headband. 

Wooden dildo bottle openers found in a souvenir shop. I don't know. 

Eiffel's train station

Outside of said station

They didn't allow pictures in their boring museum so I got this

Reburial poster for some anti-commie guy who was killed in the 50s by the commies. 

They practiced skull reshaping. 

Old palace under the current palace

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