Last day in skopje

Woke up and went to the market where you can get a kilo of cherries for 50 dinar, about 90 cents. It was raining a bit so we went to the craft brewery in old Town and did a beer tasting of 6 1/3L beers. That took about two or three hours. From there we walked around new town some. Nothing special to see there. Then we went to the old fort to watch the super set as someone said it looked nice from up there. While there, we saw the lights in the stadium were on and remembered seeing some people in jerseys earlier. We decided to see if we could get tickets to whatever was happening. After slowly working our way down the hill past the commercial being filmed we managed to make it to the stadium. Unfortunately that's not where you buy tickets. It was some sketchy shack back by where we came from. We managed to make it there around 8ish and got tickets. 200 dinar each for the world cup qualifying match between Spain and Macedonia. Spain won 2-1. Macedonia almost scored a tying goal in extra time but just missed. Not something I'd pay hundreds of dollars for, but for three dollars it was good.

The men's room was on the left

Their own charging bull. Not as good as the freedom loving one in NYC

These statues are everywhere

Skopje sunset

Some Commercial being filmed

View from the game

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