Naxos pics

Leaving Santorini

Arrived in Naxos

Eggares olive press. Remember, go here. I think there was only the one blue dome in Eggares so it should be easy to find. Right off the main road too. 

Can you find the fallen statue? 

Very shady. It felt wonderful. 

On the way to the second, female statue

Look at those feet

There she is

The view from where I found that geocache. There's a little hill behind the feet you can go up and there it was hidden. 

Utterly delicious cookies mama gave me at the olive press museum. 

There's the temple in the fading light. 

Sunset from the Apollo temple was better than the one at Santorini in my opinion. Day 2 starts below. 

Some random old building. It had a sign regarding its significance but I've since forgotten. It wasn't at all impressive. Just a short walk around it. Fenced off. Lots of bugs. 

Yes that's a phone booth. There was no phone. 

The super big 10 m tall fallen Dionysus. That's a picture from its feet looking up. Google has good pictures of the profile. I don't know where mine went. 

The town of apollonas. Had an awesome beach but I didn't go swimming. 

Some monument. I think related to the Holocaust because it was years 1941-1944. Just a bunch of names. Had some great views. 

Farther up the road there's a church with another excellent view. 

Random benches along the road. Nothing nearby. Just if you want to take a break from those awful curvy roads. 

Seriously beautiful place. 

You've reached mt. Zeus. 

There's a cairn on the left. Blends in real well. Can you see the one farther up? Also a good view at the rocks I had to climb over. 

Zeus Cave. Zeus played there as a kid. Too many bugs for me to play too. 

I don't know why this is upside down. It's the little things at the peak telling you that you did it. No pool though. 

Another look up at what I climbed. That taller hump on the right was my destination I think. 

Main town of Naxos, Chora on maps, Hora on street signs. 

Temple of apollo at sunset again. This time with hora/Chora in the background. 

Guess which side faces the town and which side faces the ocean. 

Taken the morning as I left. 

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