Paros Pics

Ferry leaving Athens hella early

Water so blue

I've made it to Paros!

Just chilled here all day. It was free with a 3 euro spending on a consumption of anything. Swam a bit too. Was so nice. 

Sunset at some awesome restaurant. Gotta ask the receptionist for suggestions. Had that awesome special in Athens and then came here and guy got me a free drink with my dinner. 

ATV day starts here

Went to a Butterfly Valley. Missed high season for them, generally July-September. Can you find the butterfly in this picture?

So lush and green. Most of the island and all the islands is desert. 

Remanants of an old watermill. It was horizontal not vertical. 

A butterfly. Did you find the first one? If not, can you now that you know what they look like? 

Remember how I mentioned I walked around a national park thing? 

Lighthouse has views. 

This picture was a pain to get and didn't even focus on something good. I had to hold up the heavy rock with one hand, take the pic with the other one, was kneeling on painful rocks, couldn't see where I was taking the pic, just guessing. It was a struggle. 

Adorable old town

Part of an old castle that was built around. 

See above caption

Some ruins in a field by that weird bridge thing two pics below. 

Little road that pic above is next to. 

That's a tiny bridge. There's a little scooter on the right for scale. That line going through it on the other side is the ground you have to climb up to to continue on. 

My sweet ride

This and the above two are all part of a marble quarry. Paros was famous for high quality marble a long time ago. I think they still mine but I'm not sure. The last of the three is a steep path down to the mine itself. I'm on the other side of a fence meant to keep you out with an easy path around. I didn't want the fence in the pic. 

Damn beautiful water. This was taken as I was leaving. 

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