Santorini day 2

Renting an ATV on the Greek islands is totally the way to go. You can see so much more, get around easily, and they're really fun to drive too. I went to the east coast today. Relaxed on a beach for a while. The airport was next to the beach and two planes came in for landing while I was there. I could have hit them had I thrown a rock towards them. After that I went to some Santorini history museum that had legit artifacts from Santorini from the 15-19 centuries. Manuscripts, etchings of maps, photos, newspaper clippings. It was hidden away in a back street and the lady working the desk was super excited to have someone come in. She gave a spiel about the history if the house it was in, walked me around the first floor a bit to show me what things were. It was great. Then I once again watched the sunset but from Fira instead of Oia. Had some fantastic food and baklava for dessert. Then I came back to the hostel and went to bed. Santorini is nice but super touristy, kinda like a big shopping mall or strip mall in the two big cities and tons of bars along the shore. Beautiful views, but incredibly touristy. I'm leaving tomorrow.

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