Santorini pictures

Actually leaving Paros, off to Santorini

So so blue

Quick stop in Naxos on the way. 

Oia, the place which that famous blue roof picture comes from and the famous sunset. Hella touristy. 

Fira, the capital. 

Look at the port! It's down a gigantic hill luckily my crappy hostel had a bus so I didn't have to pay for a taxi. Public busses don't come down here. They stop at the top. 

Oh so pretty. 

The crowd is so dense. I hated it. 

Some big ass church in Oia. As I recall, there was a story about the altar being found in the ocean by a fisherman. 

That famous Santorini blue roof picture from the other side. I didn't find the actual spot, though it would have been crazy busy no doubt. And backlit when I went. Only went to Oia once. 

Place literally hugs the cliff

Sunset time. Had a crappy club sandwich but I think the location was much better than most others around the corner behind me. 

Day 2 start. 

Super windy at the lighthouse

Another Venetian castle, though this one is still intact

Some adorable little Santorini history museum in Fira. Got a mini tour starting off. Lots of documents and pictures, from 15th to 20th century. 

I sent this to my Jewish dad and made some joke about the church of Chanukah. 

Another sunset from Fira this time. No view of the sun. 

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