The boat ride here was a breeze. Nice and easy. People always say this place is gorgeous but damn. I can't describe it. It's breathtaking. The landscape, the towns, everything. The town Oia at the northwest end of the island is famous for its sunsets, so I decided to make my way up there and get a cheap dinner. When I got there, there were still hours until the sunset so I walked around a bit and it's an adorable but touristy as hell place. As it was nearing sunset I decided I needed to find a place to eat so I started searching. This didn't go well as places were painfully expensive or reserved, or both. As I continued, I found a crappy little pool and cafe that had fantastic views over the ocean and wasn't 25 euro for an entrée. So I sat down, had a cheap and crappy club sandwich, and watched the sunset. That thing is fantastic. Getting out was a nightmare though. So much traffic. One main road out, windy as hell, some areas with damn near no room for two way traffic, and really dark as the sun was down. I had to find my way across the island back to my hostel on the southeast corner of the island. Eventually the traffic all split off in their separate directions and I got to have a nice easy ride. It was great. I only got lost once.

The farther south you go, the more the wifi doesn't work. It's amazing.

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