After a stupidly long day going from Naxos to split travelling on a car, boat, train, and plane, I arrived to find my hostel, which I informed I would be at late, completely empty. Door locked, no one to check me in. That's always fun. Eventually someone who was staying came and let me in. I contacted management and they showed up soon. I woke up and went to golden gate rooms, exactly where my mom told me to meet her. Except there are like 30 of these places all owned by one guy. I went to the wrong one. So did she. We met up in some random hotel lobby by chance. That was cool. We didn't do much. Went to the top of a hill, explored the old town some, and went on a lovely sunset Cruise. Looking forward to tomorrow when I get to wake up at 6:15 for a 7:45 boat to Brac. Sleep is overrated anyways.

Holy hell we have wifi. Photo dumps coming soon. 41 pics uploaded for this post, took 5 mins. I love it.

St. Lucia of Syracuse. Yeah. 

View from lunch spot

Some important guy in a Jewish cemetery right next to the lunch place

Those things in the bottom corners are coffins. One one of them was c. 1099, the other from c. 10. Yep. 10. Year 10. St John in the middle. 

Sunset Cruise starts here

You can kinda see a door inside on the left. That's where we are staying. That's also the north entrance to Diocletian's palace. 

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