The Greek islands are awesome. At least Paros is. I can't decide if I want to stay here or see more of them. I have this place for one more night. It's awesome. I rented an atv for the night and plan on driving around tomorrow a bunch which should be fun. Only 20 euro for a day. I pretty much just chilled out on a beach all day. It was wonderful. When I went to dinner I met a woman named Donna who is a travel journalist and photographer. She said she spends about two months a year in Paros. She mentioned she's been to Hawaii and Vietnam, and has seen the green flash at Hawaii. I'm sure she's been to some damn cool places. I told her to visit Ohrid as she hadn't been there yet. She then suggested I go to the best gelato place in all of Greece named Gelato. It was a short walk from the restaurant and I sat down and had some incredible gelato. Paros is awesome.

Except for the wifi. Pictures that need uploading approaching 200...

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