Oslo pictures

It starts with a few Narvik pics from the morning before I left. They uploaded a little oddly but that's your problem. 

This is the station we sat at for three hours with no electricity

This was a train at the Narvik station.

Such an adorable little station. 

Great view for a train station too

This was by the Nordic museum that I went to that morning. 

Now to Oslo

There's a public transport boat that takes you to the peninsula with a few museums. 

Viking Ship museum if you couldn't tell. Yeah, they dug this out of the ground. 

Stuff from the boats. Again, three boats, four burial boats found but one couldn't be saved. 

That was the hut built on the boat to house the body. Crazy Vikings thought people would need food and shelter for the afterlife so they buried people with a lot of the stuff if the family could afford to. 

The cultural museum opened soon but the grounds were open so I walked around. They had rebuilt a viking village. 

10 came and the museum opened. Not that great in my opinion. 

That's a boat that sailors gave to churches to have god give them protection and stuff. 

They had this section closed off. 

Read this. And yes, that's a snake coming out of the gun. 

Gunpowder horn

Fram museum

On the boat. They let you go down below too, it was hot and uncomfortable so I hurried through and didn't take pictures. 

Kon tiki museum with the original ship

One of the other ships from bro's other voyages

Nobel prize museum. I didn't take any pictures inside. Kinda just forgot to. Really good exhibit though. 

Munch museum

Ibsen museum. This was dude's apartment. The painting there was a painting of Ibsen's nemesis who he never actually met in person. The two of them hated each other and having the painting watching over him apparently gave him inspiration. 

That's the original bathtub. It was sold at one point to a farmer after Ibsen died and was used at a cow trough for like 70 years or something before being bought back by the museum. 

Oslo art museum. 

Not in the Munch museum. 

The sunset reflection is the exact same for this and the one above it. Also Munch. 


Also Picasso. 


Go orange



There was a double rainbow as the sun set. 

The morning I left I stopped by the Oslo cathedral. Quite nice ceiling decoration. 

Some guy stabbing a dragon with a cross. Love it. 

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