I powered through Oslo today. There is a 395 Norwegian Krone pass that gets you into a lot of museums and on public transport. I did 8 museums and rode public transport 8 times. I don't know what public transport costs, but museums are around 100 NOK each. I started my day by going to the Viking Ship Museum as it opened first. It has three burial ships and things from four burial mounds. A lot of wood stuff. There was a fourth boat but it wasn't preserved well in the dirt for a thousand years and didn't survive. From there I went to the culture museum. It wasn't that exciting. My least favorite of all the ones I visited today. After that I went to the Fram museum. The Fram was some bug famous boat that helped with exploration of the poles. North and South, not polish people. It could withstand the ice in the Arctic and drifted across the continent trapped in ice. They let you walk through it. They also had a little simulation room for surviving an arctic storm. It was cold. Then across the street was the Kon-tiki museum. They have the original boat and another one from one of dude's other adventures. Once back at the center of Oslo, I went to the Nobel Prize Center. They have a really cool exhibition right now on displaced people. In addition they have a room of every Nobel peace prize winner and. What they did to deserve the prize. It was layed out such that they all had their own little screen and there were tons of little lights around the room on little stands. Occasionally all the screens would sync up and they'd play a quote from an award recipient. After that, I ventured far east to the Munch museum. They had a small exhibit going on but it was really cool. One with nature, one with chaos and light, and one with people. From there I had accomplished everything I wanted to so I ventured back west to the Ibsen museum. It was getting to the times museums start to close so I didn't really spend much time there, but they were doing a guided tour of dude's apartment about 4 mins after I arrived and it was the only way to see the apartment so I did that. They made you wear plastic socks over your shoes. Only we plebs though, not the tour guide. From there I went to my last stop for my Oslo adventure. I went to the national gallery. They had some solid art stuff there. I spent my day inside all day so not a lot of cool pics of the city though it is nice, at least the small bits I walked through.

Unfortunately for all of you I don't have good WiFi so you can all wait to get some solid Oslo culture for a while.

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