Home to 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, Ravenna was an hour train ride from Bologna. When we got there, we we're greeted by a long road of green trees and shade, which was lovely to protect from the sun. Ravenna's thing if you will is mosiacs. Everywhere we went, it was mosiac. All the heritage sites, at least. And not little ones, but ones covering ceilings or entire baptistries. There is a farily easy loop of five and a ticket that gets you into all for less than 10 euro so we did that. In addition, we discovered there was a monestary turned into a library so we went around there, and it was gorgeous. Nearby was the church, still with an altar, that had been converted into a military museum of some sort. Really weird dichotomy. No idea what anything was because it was only Italian, but lots of uniforms, guns, and shells. The other really cool place we visited was a gigantic history museum of sorts. It was called the national museum of Ravenna or something like that. The place was huge and also mostly in Italian. A few signs had English, but not many. Most of the museum was focused on religious history and it felt as though in one room they were recreating a church. In a few of the rooms, there were midieval artifacts and ancient Egyptian artifacts as well. The entire time we were there, we only saw people working at the museum. It was great having a museum of that magnitude to ourselves. I took a lot of pictures and will try to upload them soon.

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