The return to Copenhagen

I kinda forgot how gorgeous the city was until I returned. I'm really glad I returned. Though I did also forget how damn expensive the place is. $5 for a small ice cream. That's crazy. My day was pretty uneventful. I mostly walked around. Near the life jackets from yesterday there was a museum that I went to. It was a total hipster edgy museum thing. One part was about I don't even know and the other was a large exhibit on vigilantism and whistleblowers in the age of technology. Now I'm on a train that has WiFi which is awesome. I love wifi. Hopefully my next, longer train ride also has WiFi.

These uploaded hella out of order.


Maybe once I'm told what isn't an apricot I can start to identify them. 

Because when I think of the Unabomber, I think vigilante. 

Projecting a movie on a rock? Art. 

Poor red blob was tired. 

Twin towers are now art when put on a pool table. 

Yoko Ono's art project in Copenhagen

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