Vienna pt 2 and pics for days

I once again woke up nice and early to have a nice, full day. I stared by going to the schonbrunn Palace. That place is absurdly large. At least the gardens were. I didn't go into the palace at all because my 24 hr subway pass was expiring soon, the palace was far, and there was still a lot I wanted to see. So from the palace and awesome gardens I went to the Sisi museum which has three parts. One part was the silver collection. They had a lot. The other two parts did not allow picture taking, but oh well. One was about Franz Joseph's wife Elizabeth and her life and death. The other was a tour through the royal apartments. As you can probably guess, they were glorious and a tad bit overdone. But such is life when you're so rich and powerful. Then I went to the royal crypt. Recently the coffins have been quite understated with the most recent death being 2011. However some of the older ones were taller than me, by a lot. From the kaisergruft I went to the museum quarter again to some modern art museums. They were just as bullshit made up as I expected. An all black canvas, a picture from the Apollo 11 moon landing, a TV screen that went through different color backgrounds with single word meant to evoke thought such as "mesmerize" and a clips of a "documentary" called "Doctor Fabre Will Cure You". This "documentary" (it was entered in some film festival as a documentary. It shouldn't have been) had only one scene showing of the whole hour that it lasted, but that scene, from a "documentary" had a man who I assume was doctor Fabre holding the face of a dead pig using it's mouth and yelling "Doctor Fabre will cure you. Use your mouth" and then throwing the pig face off the ledge the balcony he was standing on. He proceeded to do the same with pig's ears and pig's eyes. There were life five or six pig faces in view on the ledge of the balcony  but it only showed one time  though before starting over. This "documentary" was filmed in Antwerp by a French director. I feel bad for Antwerp. Also Doctor Fabre was handling probably real because art, dead, probably raw pig with his bare hands. I hope he got an infection for making the worst documentary of all time. I might be a little bitter about what is considered art these days... At this point it was 4:30 and I had to decide if I wanted to take the 5:10 or 7:10 back to Prague. I settled on wandering more and it was a great choice because I stumbled upon the house of music. This is a large museum that has an overview of the Vienna philharmonic, various conducting instruments used by orchestra conductors, a floor about the physics of sound, and a floor on the great composers. I didn't have anywhere near enough time for the whole museum unfortunately and had to briskly walk through the sound physics and great composers floors. Though I could tell they would have been very impressive had I had more time. The 7:10 is the last train and it's a 4 hour ride so I couldn't miss it. Plus all my crap is in Prague except for the one day of clothes I brought to Vienna. So now for the 327 pics minus whatever doesn't make the cut. That's a lot of pictures for two days...

Chrome crashed trying to upload all of them. They had to be uploaded in little groups.

Good luck.

St. Stephen's cathedral. Quite the roof

Still used and people have been buried in it or it's been added to recentlyish or something. I didn't get a picture but there was a thing in the wall about Yugoslavia from the 60s. 

The old movement from St Stephen's cathedral clock. From 1699. 

Same thing. 

This was a clock meant to be hung on a bedpost and read from the bottom for when you woke up. It was spherical. 

Bedpost clock from above

I was in this room at noon. Some of the clocks still run even though they're 300+ years old. They ding a lot in many fancy ways. 

That's a lot of things it can tell you. 

That is a working clock on a painting. 

More painting clocks. Some of them fit in better than others. 

This was a gift to a guy who ran a mine. The mine car at the bottom and elevator move. It wasn't running. 

It's kinda hard to see but those balls on the are the movement. There's a mechanism to lift them back up and the escapement controls when they fall. 

Who knew they made such funny shaped pocket watches. 

Occasionally those glass rods would spin to make it look like water was flowing. This clock wasn't on and I was disappointed. 

For the above picture. 

This art is a visually blurred representation of railroad logos showing something. I can't make up stuff like they do. I don't think pics were allowed in this gallery but I think this one was supposed to be the PRR and I had to rep my state. 

I only took two pictures in the gallery. This is the other one. It has no relation to the above picture, but it says the dude did stuff in Chadds Ford. Chadds Ford is like 20 mins or 30 mins from my house. Crazy. 

That's an old backgammon set

That's a good cork right there. 

There are three buildings here if you can't tell

I don't know why there was damn near no one there, but I wasn't complaining. 

That is a nice plume on the child's helmet. That couldn't have been fun to wear, not that any of the other stuff he was wearing would have been. 

I have no idea what this is. 

No idea what this is either. 

Or this. 

Reverse colored keys. 

Another cool inverted key color piano

My what a big leg you have. 

That's a 30,000 year old statue

This is a natural history museum. They have tons of kids. You'd think they might not have a bloody fish chilling there but they don't care. 

Those are carved out of crystal. 

For the above monument. It basically says the government put this sign here to prove they learned from past mistakes. I feel like a small sign next to an insignificant monument doesn't really get that message across to the masses but I'm also not a member of Austrian Parliament so what do I know. 

What an awesome view. I especially like the green grass right there opening up to the palace and the city. You're not allowed to walk on it. To keep it green. You have to take the winding path along the sides. Unfortunately two douchy tourists thought they were better than the rules and that awesome green grass and walked from the bottom straight to the top through the dead center, ruining photos and destroying the glorious field. They took selfies and I tried my best to ruin them subtly from the background. 

This is one side of a two sided cabinet of which there were three in different rooms. That's a lot of cutlery. 

The napkin fold that two people alive can do. It's a closely guarded secret and only used at official meetings between heads of state in Austria. 

One square meter napkins. 

Maria theresa and her husband. 

Elizabeth from the sisi Museum is on the left in this picture. Her son she didn't like is on the right. Don't know where the other two kids were. 

A map is part of modern art. 

Yoko Ono made this. It said something stupid near the bottom. 

Football. A real sport. Not like soccer. It truly is art. 

Cement with a hole. Art. 

How is a cheque art? A blank check. That's all this is. Please people get over yourselves. 

The last supper but all women. I'll allow it. 

It's literally a mirror on the ground. 

A stack of records. 

A board painted black. 
A picture of the moon. 

A picture from the moon. How is taking a picture from someone else making art? 

Probably claimed it was about the placement or some such crap. Look how it molds the environment and forces you to think about how small things you do impact the bigger picture. No. It's a picture from the moon. Stop making it to be something it's not. 

Recognize the background on this one? I wonder if this is copyright infringement. Led Zeppelin would love that with all their stairway woes. 

This is where my favorite clip from my favorite documentary was playing.

Wow, you took a man and a desk and covered them with tacks and the occasional nail. It really means a lot. No. It's just tedious and you wasted both your time and the time of anyone that comes to this museum to view your work. 

Piano stairs actually worked. 

Conductors and their batons

This room was supposed to feel like a uterus. Had a heartbeat and was shaking. That glowing thing was showing how big you were when you felt and heard things. This was part of the section on the physics of sound. 

Real Mozart letter from him to his dad. 

Mozart's last work. It was unfinished and he was working on it on his deathbed. They also had his last completed one too

Beethoven's door from his last house. 

Beethoven's symphony no 3

Idk but it was big and in the Beethoven room. Looks like a giant letter. No idea who it's for though. 

Cool and real art in the house of music

You made it! I'm so proud. 

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