I woke up at 5 AM to get to Vienna nice and early. It's one of the many places I've been told I need to spend a lot of time at so I wanted to maximize that time. It rained the entire walk to the station. I got the first train today from Prague. The ride was nice and easy. As soon as I got in, I worked my way to St. Stephens cathedral which is fairly centrally located, but incredibly busy. After that I went to the Vienna Clock Museum which was recommended to me and it was fantastic  those are some absurd clocks they have there. Then I just started wandering. Vienna is a wonderful place for that because it's so beautiful. I visited a few museums around the museum quarter and some random one with a photographer. I took a lot of pictures. 226 to be exact. They won't all be uploaded as some of the suck as always but I think it's a single day record.

I'll upload all those and whatever I take tomorrow in a nice big post on the ride back to Prague. I'm guessing the wifi will be just as good as it was on the way here. Yes I uploaded Oslo and Prague on the train this morning.

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